WK15: Classmate Conversation


My last week classmate conversation was with Jasmine. She was very sweet and we had a few things in common. The best part about our conversation was sharing ideas about fun places to go for the summer. I definitely added some things to my summer bucket list after talking to Jasmine. I also learned about her goals, interests, and school life.

Jasmine is from Long Beach. She is a second year public health major. She is thinking about witching to my major, which is Human Development. As of now she is aiming to be a Occupational Therapist. She stated that her aunt shares the same career that I am aiming for. She also told me that her aunt enjoys her job and that is always nice to hear. We began to talk about out of state colleges and agreed that CSULB is good enough for us and that paying out of state tuition is not fulfilling.

Aside from school we talked about hiking and sightseeing places. We are both interested in going to beautiful memorable places. Jasmine showed me a picture of a place called 1,000 Steps in Laguna Beach. It looked like such a beautiful place; I told my friends about as soon as I talked to them! Outside of school Jasmine works… a lot. I commend her for her hard work. She works 34 hours a week outside of school and also babysits for her sister. Overall Jasmine l learned a lot about Jasmine and summer spots. I wish her the best in her career, and it’d be awesome if she switched to my major so we could talk about more hiking spots.


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