Wk15: Artist Conversation


This week I visited Gatov galleries and checked out some cool art. The animation art sculptures and drawings by Grace Babineau. As a kid, I was always interested in how people draw and create a cartoon character and give them a personality. This was one of my favorite galleries because I like animation and if I was an artist I would be doing something like Grace Babineau.

Babineau stated that she’s an illustrator. She is working on a book right now called “Bear in Snow.” She focuses on the fun aspect of art, which is pretty cool. Her drawings created motion and gave a sense of reality. In one of the images, the artist drew a very skinny man carrying a very heavy woman. Although it is nearly impossible, she made it look possible and you can see the bounce, struggle, and emotion in the drawing. For the sculptures, Babineau has friends and family send her pictures of their dogs and she uses Sculpy to re-create the. Babineau has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. Both of her parent were artist and they wanted her to continue that tradition.

Overall I really enjoyed this gallery. The best part was that the artist told us she was starting a business this summer. She is going to sculpt or draw pictures for interested buyers. The idea that she is doing something she loves for a living inspires me. I will definitely get in contact with her if I ever need some art in my house.


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