Wk13: Classmate Conversation


This week I met Conor who you see above. I forgot to take a picture with him so Im stuck with a picture from his profile. Conor was really and offered to have a classmate conversation with me even though he had found somebody already.

Conor is a 2nd year here at Cal State Long Beach and is studying film with an emphasis in production management. After completing university , Conor hopes to work for a major film studio buying  scripts. Before coming to CSULB Conor was in the Coast Guard and deployed twice to Central and South America for law enforcement patrols. His favorite part about the military experience was the ability to travel,  in is time he was able to visit over 10 different countries. We discovered that we both like outdoor activities for leisure time. Conor likes to snowboard, camp and play beach volleyball.

We have  both have enjoyed art 110. Conor’s favorite activity was the yarn bombing.Though we both don’t understand the more modern art is too abstract for our tastes. We enjoyed walking around the exhibits together and discussing art , Conor favorite form of art is sculptures ether and discussing art, Connor favorite form if art is sculptures  because of the ability to envision something out of a child solid block of material.I hope to see Conor around campus and in Art 110 next week. Overall Conor is reall cool and I wish him the best in his dream career.


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