Wk 13: Artist Conversation


This week I decided to visit the gallery. I was met Marty Knop and  prior to that his art caught my attention. When I walked in the gallery I was fascinated by his art pieces because they were so abstract and filled with vibrant colors and random shapes and patterns. I admire this Marty’s art pieces but initially I couldn’t think of the moral behind it. I wanted to know if there was a meaning behind it so I approached Marty. I learned that his art was a connection between math and patterns . I believe this is the first gallery I’ve visited that consisted of digital printing. I think it is cool but also challenging to convert algebraic equations into certain certain shapes and patterns.

The artist was interested in collaboration. He did a collaboration with Dawn, whom he had a lot in common with in terms of being optimistic and experimenting new projects. Mark likes to take his skill set and connect it with other types of art to create a different outcome. He also states that all art including his is manipulated in some type of way, which means it is not 100% original.

Another thing Mark taught us about was the three layers for his works. The first layer is the digital printing. The second layer is the screen printing , which he uses home depot paint for. The third layer is the guash layer which is flat paint. Mark taught us a lot of things about his art process and I would really like to see how math can convert to art. Overall, I really liked this gallery.


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