Wk12: Artist Conversation


This week I met Catherine Cox. She is going for BFA in Ceramics. This was her first show and I could tell that it took a lot of time and creativity.She stated that the carving takes hours and sometimes days ad there were a lot of carved vases so there was a lot of effort and time devoted to this show. Cox has been interested in art and ceramics since around 12 years old. She decided to do this type of show because she enjoys carving and wanted to start narrative. She is also interested in textiles.

When I seen the vases they reminded me of the ancient Greek vase paintings. The artist told me that the ancient Greek vases did have some type of influence. Just like the Greek vases, Cox’s vases had a narrative. Some of the vases portrayed domestic violence and some were just reflections f some of the artist’s experience. The vessels with the tulips represents different people in the artist’s life. The artist chooses vessels of different shape, size, color based on the story line that will go with it.

Overall, I liked this art show because it reminds me of Ancient Art, which I really admire. Cox’s art vessels were neat and meaningful. All of her devotion is definitely recognized and admired by me.


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