Wk12: Classmate Conversation


This week I had a very long and interesting conversation with Guillermo Vargas. He is a first year pre-mechanical engineering major. He wants to do something with design manufacturing and cars. He loves cars, but mainly the parts of the cars. He mentioned that what makes the car work makes it beautiful. He enjoys working on cars and his grandpa taught him a lot about fixing cars. Guillermo has a lot of mechanic family and friends so he has experience and connections. I think this is a good career for him.

Guillermo’s dream car is a Ferrari or a 1969 Camaro. We talked about how nice classic cars are. He feels that cars regress instead of progress over the years. Guillermo is interested in hiking, going paintballing, hanging out with friends, and admiring nature. He is also a fan of art but feels like he is not a good artist. Guillero like all kinds of music. He loves BBQ Ribs. His celebrity crush is Cassie and Megan Fox. He enjyed watching Fast & Furious 7.

I learned a lot about Guillermo. I also learned that we have a lot of common interest. I know he will succeed in his career because he has experience but most of all because he loves it and seems very determined.


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