WK12: Algorithmic Activity

For this weeks activity I decided to create a music procedure. If you love music and you enjoy listening to music while doing school work, this is the perfect procedure for you. The steps are also very simple.

1. Choose some of your favorite singers.

It doesn’t matter how many you choose. It could also be either a male or females singer. Because you have to choose a sound/note from a song, choosing a singer is easier (versus choosing rapper). But if you could make it work feel free.

2. One at a time, choose your favorite song by the singer.

This is the fun part. It is also a little hard because your most likely going to be singing along rather than trying to find your favorite note. Or maybe singing along will help you find your favorite note.

3. Choose you favorite note of that song.

It should be a sound/harmony from the artist rather than a verse. But it is okay if the artist is singing over your favorite note. As long as viewers can hear the note.

4. Put the notes in order, with the note you like the most as the last note 

My video ironically seemed to be in order from softest note to highest sounding note, but it is only because I think the highest notes sound more beautiful. It doesn’t have to be ordered as mine, it’s just least favorite of the favorite notes to most favorite of the favorite notes. I hope that’s not too confusing/wordy.

5. Merge these videos together, or you can pause and play as you go along.

I used an app called KlipMix to merge them together but there are plenty of video combining apps to choose from. You could also use a sound recorder app on your phone if you don’t want the video.


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