WK11: Sculpture Activity


Today is Sunday the 12th of March. Today is also the only day I’ve been stressed from Art 110. I usually enjoy all of the activities, even the ones I cannot seem to master. But this activity was super challenging for me. I’m pretty sure it is supposed to be simple and fun but I had a lot of complications so it was stressful for me. I did not actually complete a sculpture , so I do not expect any credit. I am just writing this up to explain my experience and attempt to go to the each and build a sculpture.

The first complication I had was buying wacky materials because I was slighty poor this weekend. I admit that I bought a plastic shovel which was clearly not recommenced by the professor. I had to take the risk because Walmart didn’t have any shovels within my budget. So then we went to Long Beach City Beach with a plastic shovel and plaster. The worked out for a while and then…. it cracked. Luckily, my boyfriend found a short and thick branch at the beach to use as a tool to dig. It took my boyfriend and I about 20 minutes to dig a hole with this stick. So of course we felt relieved when we finished but then the worst mistake of all was discovered.

We bought the wrong plaster. I blame myself an the guy in the warehouse department at Walmart because he told me that the plaster I bought would work  the same as the plaster in the milk carton shaped box. They had ran out of the plaster in the milk-carton shaped plaster so I took the employee’s word and bought the wrong plaster. It was a pudding type texture not a power-like texture. We added water and tried to create the right texture and poured it into the hole it was not drying in the sand is it was expected to. Sad to say we, gave up after a several attempts. But we left the beach thinking that we could do it at home by looking at some youtube videos. All the videos we watched required us to have plaster and alginate. The only problem with that is that alginate is hard to get your hands on and is not sold at department stores, it is also pretty pricey. So there is my experience with week eleven’s activity.

I understand that this is my fault, but at least I learned not to underestimate art projects and not to believe that they’re all simple.


One thought on “WK11: Sculpture Activity

  1. Sorry about your bad experience Lacey. Did you see the class page on this? All you need is a bit of “Plaster of Paris” which is pretty low cost at any hardware store or Home Depot or Lowes or the CSULB Art Store (right behind the Gatov Gallery)


    If nobody around has a shovel, a 2 or 3 dollar garden shovel will work. Or just dig with your hands till you have a bit of a depression that you can pour into.

    Anyway, hope you have a better experience next week.


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