WK 11: Classmate Conversation


This week I had a conversation with Nallely Silva. She is very sweet and we have a lot in common. She is a sophmore just like I am. She is also majoring in a social science, which is Child Development and her double major is Family Life Education. We discovered that we are both interested in the counseling field dealing with children and families. She initially majored in pre nursing and later discovered that it wasn’t for her. I was interested in hearing her pros an cons about this major because I was considering it. Her opinion really helped me out and i’m glad that we realized that we’re interested in helping people mentally not physically.

Nallely dorms at Beachside which is where I dormed freshman year, so we talked about the perks of dorm life, She also mentioned that Cal State Long Beach was her first choice because of the good nursing program and because it is the best local cal state near her. She is from Palmdale so that CSULB isn’t too far. For her leisure time, she said she doesn’t do much. Although she does attend some of the dorm events.

Nallely’s favorite food is Alfredo. I am also a big fan of pasta. Her favorite singer is Ariana Grande. She wants to travel to Spain or somewhere tropical one day. She also wants to attend Coachella, which is where I want to go when I have the money to go. She loves shopping, but we both agreed that shopping is not in the college student’s budget. Another cool thing about Nallely is that she played softball in high school and her favorite baseball team is the LA Dodgers.


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