WK 11: Artist Conversation


This week I visited Merlino gallery and met two cool artist and see very a creative piece. Jerry and Kyle, who are both going for a bachelor in fine arts, were the two artist of this piece. Jerry was initially a psychology major but he switched drawing. Kyle was initially undeclared and later majored in printmaking fine arts. They met each other in their art prerequisite classes and I think it is cool that they have created an art piece together in relation to their childhood environment.

When I walked in the room, I felt as though I was walking in an urban alley or through a tunnel. It looked liked street art an there was objects on the floor such as ripped newspaper, cups and even a car bumper. In a way it resembled a impoverished neighborhood. I discovered I was right when Kyle and Jerry stated that this art piece was a reflection of the kind of neighborhoods that they grew up in. Jerry mentioned that he wanted the audience to feel different moods as they walked through the gallery.

I really liked this project because I could connect with it. Los Angeles streets are filled with graffiti art that sometimes does make a city wall beautiful, but also portrays poverty because most neighborhoods with graffiti are ones of low- income. I think some street art is meaningful and I was glad to see artist embrace it instead of be ashamed of it.


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