WK10: Student Choice Activity


This week we were able to do an activity of our own. Initially I was going to do a flash video of a my trip to Vegas but there were some technical difficulties. So I decided to draw the welcome sign. I attempted to draw it while I was riding in the car but it wasn’t neat. So I started over when I got to South Point Hotel. I referred to a brochure for the sign to look more neat and realistic. I added my own background which was a night sky, a road, and palm trees. In my picture the road looks as though it is leading to the night sky. This is showing that Vegas is a night city with many adventures. There are so many attractions along the Vegas strip, it feels like your walking through a dream because everything is so fascinating.

Aside from the beauty of Vegas, the purpose of my art piece was to draw something during my trip. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words but I say a drawing is worth a million words. A drawing shows one’s perspective of something. A picture may be more original but a drawing is more unique. I added my own background and detail to show other how I portrayed the entrance to Vegas. I made the welcome sign the center of the drawing so I can turn viewers eye to it. As mentioned earlier I drew the road beneath the sky to show connection between the “dream world” and the real world.

Overall I enjoyed choosing an activity this week because I was able to do an  art piece that could relate to my Vegas trip. Although my drawing is simple it is showing my perspective on the image so it is unique. It slightly relates to last week’s class activity, which required us to draw our own interpretation of CSULB campus.


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