WK10: Classmate Conversation


This week I met and had a conversation with @Sarah Schneider from Cypress, California. She is a second year student and is undeclared She is thinking about being a health science radiologist, which requires her to do x-rays on the human body. CSULB was her first choice campus and is actually the only one she applied for. She also shared with me that she like college but she misses high school because she doesn’t see her friends as much.

Aside from school, Sarah has a lot of hobbies that she enjoys. She likes to hang out with her friends, go bowling, and watch Netflix movies. She finished watching Orange is the New Black and is now on the Supernatural series. Sarah worked at a bowling center but she quit because management was giving her enough hours. Although she doesn’t work there anymore, her boyfriend does so she is always bowling there.

We then began to talk about our favorites. Sarah mentioned that her favorite artists were One Direction but she is devastated because on of the guys left the group so they are bound to split up. She is stated that her favorite comedian is Kevin Hart and she can’t wait to see his upcoming movie. Sarah’s celebrity crush is the main male character from Fault in our Stars. Her favorite food is Italian and Mexican food. Her favorite animals are killer whales and tigers (Yikes!). Overall Sarah seems like a really nice and outgoing person and I hope succeeds at her dream career and doesn’t get too close to her favorite animals 🙂


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