WK9: Architecture Activity



This week we had to recreate the campus from our perspective. I drew the buildings that I was most familiar with, typically the buildings that I have classes in. For the cognitive map, I pictured the water fountain near Brotman Hall and progressed from there. Although I like art, I’m not good at drawing so I didn’t add to much detail. But the quality of the drawing was not the purpose of this assignment. This assignment was about recreating something from your interpretation; just like last week’s assignment when we remixed culture.

The second part of the assigment was to adopt a building. I chose to adopt Liberal Arts 3 because I spend a lot of time there. I have a Greek mythology class there and I also go their because the Human Development Office is in that building. Hence, human development is my major. I also like the new remodeling of this building. The LA3 building just opened this year. The classrooms inside this building look very professional. They have walls and tables that function as white boards, televisions that hang all around the classroom, and stylish office chairs. These building are nice from the inside out and make me appreciate attending CSULB. I think they should raise money to renovate all of the buildings like LA3.

The last part was to remake a part of CSULB’s campus. I decided to make upper campus because my classes are in that area. I added scantron machines because I believe it would be convenient for the students. From my experience I have been late to exams because waited last minute to get scantrons and the nearest campus stores weren’t open. If we had scantron vending machines we would decrease the amount of students late for a test which would ultimately increase a students grade. I also added a trail for skateboards, bikes, and scooters. I used to ride a skateboard but I always was stopped by campus police or caught up in “student traffic”. These trails would increase attendance and decrease tardies. I chose the trail and scantron machines because I have been late to class a few times for these reasons.


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