WK9: Classmate Conversation

20150319_110413(0)This week I met Kyler. We had a conversation about a variety of things. We shared interest, future goals and even celebrity crushes. We had a funny conversation and it was cool meeting him. Kyler is a first year majoring in biology. I asked him what he wanted to do with a biology degree and he said he wants to be a surgeon. He said he doesn’t mind cutting bodies or seeing tons of blood and organs. So then I asked him would he ever be an obstetrician and he said “hell no.” Kyler is a local Long Beach resident and enjoys CSULB which was his first choice college.

Aside from school, Kyler enjoys hanging out, going out to eat and sleeping. I expressed that sleeping  has been my favorite hobby since I’ve been a college student. His favorite artist are Drake, J Cole, Kendrik Lamar, and Big Sean. I also favor these artist and they all  just released albums so this has been an amazing year so far. Kyler said his celebrity crush is Ariana Grande and I began to tell him that she looks “12 years old.” His favorite fruit are pineapples, strawberries, and bananas. He doesnt’t have a favorite food because he like pretty much everything. He said he would try any food that someone says is good.

Overall Kyler and I had a very cool conversation. I found out that we have a lot of common interest and also a lot differences. I wish Kyler the best in his Surgeon career. Its amazing to have people on the planet who have the guts to do surgery. I cant even dissect a cat. Anyways, Good luck Kyler and stay awesome! P.S my professor photo-bombed us and gave our photo some life aha 🙂


One thought on “WK9: Classmate Conversation

  1. This is a nice writeup Lahya. And I will give you full credit THIS TIME since our new requirements were just introduced on Saturday. You got it mostly right: insightful, English writing about the work.

    But you MUST tell me the Artist’s Name! And in this case, a Group Show, an MFA Advancement show, you have to set that stage for a reader. No one who isn’t already familiar with the show will know what you’re talking about. This should only take a sentence:

    “At the CSULB SOA Werby Gallery this week was an MFA Advancement to Candidacy exhibition featuring a number of graduate student artists. I was most drawin to {name’s} work… “


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