WK8: Remix Culture Activity


This week’s activity required us to remix or change a single item and add to it to make it your own. I decided to a collage on befunky.com with Google images. I search black people and white people on Google images to see what type of pictures would appear. I skimmed through the first 10 of each search. I discovered some things that were quite disturbing and surprising.

When I type in “black people”, the first few images had  racial comments purposed for humor, a noticeably edited photo of a “white” Obama, a picture of a black male with a disorder purposed for humor, and a picture that represents inequality among blacks in America. You didn’t see any successful black people and the ones that did look successful had racial comments such as “negro please” and “..black people cant read”. I expected the search page for “white people” to have some  images of white people purposed for humor or stereotypes. But I was wrong, the first few images were of successful white people who looked very happy. The only image that had a stereotype on the “white people” search was targeted towards blacks. It stated ” White people be like stay away from those violent blacks.”

Overall, I liked the assignment even though the collage I created dealt with a very unpleasant issue. My collage reveals how social media creates and promotes stereotypes and inequity. This activity allowed me to create something very meaningful and complex from just a few individual images.

I couldn’t figure out how to add a copyright to my page but I did make my page public. I made my page public because I don’t mind others sharing my work, as I wouldn’t post anything that I didn’t want the world to see. But if my blog was for business I would not leave it public and I would also add my logo or name to every picture I post to ensure rights. Sometimes people are able to copy and paste item that are restricted by creator or author so they’re should be more safety on that.


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