WK7: Portrait Photography

2015-03-08 21.40.43

This week, we had to take a photograph of a make-believe corpse of ourselves. A few weeks back, we did an instagram photography activity. But the difference this time is that we are focusing on quality and detail of the photo instead of the social aspect of posting a picture.

My corpse photography scene was that “I died from eating too much food.” Initially I wanted to take the picture in the grocery store but the customers and staff kept staring at me. I chose this because I love food and I had just went grocery shopping and I had groceries all over the floor anyway. I liked this activity but I wish I my phone had a better quality camera. I also suck at taking pictures.

Overall I wish my photo was more photographic. I did have fun doing this activity although i’m like the opposite of a photographer and so is my phone camera (ha ha).


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