Wk7: Artist Conversation

20150305_110924 20150305_113837

This week myself and another classmate  visited the Merlino gallery.  We really liked this gallery because it was different than all the other ones I have seen. The art pieces were not paintings or sculptures, but they were photographs. All of the photographs were associated with the army and soldiers. The most mysterious part was that each photo had cut outs of a person. We thought it was a loved one that had passed away during their time in their army but that wasn’t the case.

The artist begin to tell us about her rocky relationship with her sister. Her family had to accept the sister’s decision to go to the army. The artist had not lost her sister in terms of death but she had felt as though she lost her to the army. She misses her sister desperately and wishes they had a better relationship before she left to the army. The distance has made them closer. She sent pictures of this project to her sister and her sister really loved it.

Overall, we really found this art project touching. It has showed us the value of appreciation. You must appreciate everyone and everything in your life because one day it/they may be gone. Also that losing losing someone doesn’t necessarily have to be due to death. But it can be to a simple decision that you or the other person has made.


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