WK6: Yarn Bombing

20150226_112357 20150226_112410

This week’s attitude was Yarn bombing. I visited the fabric bungalow to see what yarn bombing pieces I could find. I found two pieces. One was creepy, it looked like a huge web. The other one was cute and simple. Aside from the yarn bombing pieces, I really liked this activity because I got to do one of my favorite hobbies.

In high school I began experimenting with fabric. I used to sew it to vintage shorts and even shoes. I did it for fun, but it ended up being a side hustle. I go to a fabric store in Hawthorne to get fabric, fabric glue, masking tape, and a scalpel and then I get down to business. I really enjoy getting crafty with shoes because I create custom shoes that most likely no one else has and I advertise and sell them to people.

This week I had a special customer from my job, which happens to be one of my YMCA students. It’s campaigning time for my job and each teacher had to create something to raffle off at parent night. I chose to raffle off a brand new pair of shoes. The raffle tickets were five dollars each so I made some profit and raised money for my job. Unlike the graffiti art, I actually have some experience with fiber art so this activity was really perfect for me, so thank you professor for this oppurtunity to share my hobby 🙂

P.S if anyone likes what they see, feel free to contact me ! 🙂

_20150301_151752 IMG_20150301_152006573 IMG_20150301_152356692



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