WK5: Kickstarter Activity

This week’s activity was to critique a few videos from kickstarter. The first first two videos I picked were from the music category. This particular video is one of Amy Wallace who dreams to create and launch her first opera album. Her kickstarter video was professional and appealing. She is a talented opera singer and displays that in the video (this is a huge plus). It is important to show your audience that you are actually good at what you do so they know feel that you’re worth funding. Another plus, is that she made it very clear that any and every amount helps and she didn’t seem desperate or demanding for the money. She also provides awards to people who pledged, such as signed albums and posters. All of these aspects make her dream worth funding and if I wasn’t a broke college student I would be glad to contribute to her dream.

The second video I viewed from the music category was from an anonymous person who supposedly made one of the soundtracks from the movie “Nightmare on Elm Street.” I say anonymous because the person didn’t leave her name or any other information about herself. I understand that the purpose is to promote you project/product but one can argue that her project is not legit or trustworthy. Another flaw in this kickstarter is that the person doesn’t explain the benefit of receiving $20,000 (this is a lot of money/high goal). She also doesn’t offer anything for people who pledge. Overall, I dont think this kicstarter is trustworthy or for a good cause.

The next video I critiqued is from the food category (I’m a food expert :p). Anyway, I really liked the kickstarter page for Green Pea Cookie. A group of friends from San Francisco started baking healthy cookies out of dough and peas and other secret ingredients. The best part about there video was the filmed reviews. They actually passed out the cookies to random people in different cities and even different states. All of the random people said the cookies were delicious. Another cool thing is that they give pledgers a cool T-Shirt that says “Happea Cookie” (How friggin’ cute). I would definitely contribute to this project if I wasn’t a broke college student.

The last video from the food category was the Blue Cat Cafe. A woman from Austin, Texas wants to open a cat cafe that allows you to eat, study, do meet & greets, and drink coffee…..all while you are surrounded by cats. Personally I wouldn’t contribute to this idea because there are other ways to help cats and I don’t think eating with them is a good idea. Rebecca’s goal is 60,000 but she doesn’t explain what costs are being covered by this large amount of money. She also doesn’t provide a prize, which is important because pledgers that don’t live in Austin don’t get to share this experience with her (ah, no fair). Overall I think it’s a cute idea but I don’t think this business would be a success.


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