WK4: The Lahya Show

Queen Annoying.: http://youtu.be/hHwsGE0g-TE

So the link above will lead you to a video of me annoying my boyfriend. I annoy him all the the time and sometimes I pull pranks on him (its all live though). Im always thrilled to see his reaction, its hilarious.

This video shows me AKA “Queen Annoying” doing what I do best. I get on peoples nerves because I play around a lot but that’s why they love me. I really enjoyed this activity because revealed a piece of my self to the public that I don’t show random people.

I initially wanted to plan to something that was out of this world. But I figured that being outbofbmy comfort zone was revealing a side of me that I keep sacred (The annoying/weird portion of me). So I hope you enjoyed a scene from the Lahya show! See ya next time.

P.S I didn’t know how to upload the YouTube, and it was also to may megabytes to upload 😦 sorry


2 thoughts on “WK4: The Lahya Show

  1. Awesome Lahya. You just upload to YouTube or Vimeo, and the paste the video URL on a blank line in your WordPress post. It should “Embed” the video there for you. πŸ˜€


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