WK4: Artist Conversation

Strata Phenomena #gatov-west

Strata Phenomena

A group of classmates and I decided to check out the gatov-west gallery and discovered beautiful miscellaneous art. The paintings had  cool patterns and colorways. We assumed that the artist made paintings that were influenced by a “fantasy land”. Sure enough, er were right.

Rachel Gehrke was not at the gallery when we went, but another artist from gatov-west told us about her interest and influences. According to the other artist, Gehrke was influenced by underworld and outerspace. She combine multiple imagined memories in one space.

Rachel loved the sea, which she reffered to as the “underworld”. She enjoyed marine life and scuba dying. She also loved the beautiful nature of space. We thought it was amazing how she painted about her memories and thoughts of the divided worlds.


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