WK2: Classmate Conversation


From talking to Jerrell Howell I found a lot of interesting things. He is the youngest of 3 and the first one to go to college out of his family.  He is from Fontana, not Montana because he says a lot of people thinks he is from Montana. He plays baseball and he is an Angel fan. He grew up playing baseball, and he has played baseball for 13 years of his life .He is very passionate about baseball. He came from Summit High School in Fontana and he was an honor roll student.

I found it simply amazing how he was an honor roll student and a student athlete. He then begin to tell me Cal State long beach wasn’t his first choice for college. He told me he wanted to go to school, in Maine for a baseball opportunity .Then he begin to tell me why he didn’t want to stay in state because he wanted to be on his own. He said he wanted to experience a new environment.  Than he told me the main reasons he didn’t go to any school out of state is because his Parents didn’t let him or he didn’t have enough financial aid for the school he wanted to attend. Then I ask him why did he end up going to Cal state long beach and he told me that it was far but not too far from his family . Also he told me that he basically got a full ride there because he doesn’t have to pay for anything out of pocket.

Then I asked him how does he like his choice of coming to Long Beach, and he simply replied “I Love it here, and I am glad I choose to come here”. When I asked him what was his major he told me he was undeclared because he’s not sure what he wants to do. Then he said he is leaning towards health care administration but he not sure what he wants to fully do with it. From talking to Jerrell I realize he is a cool person with a dream he’s trying to make a reality. He is very ambitious and determined. I hope he can go far in life.


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