Artist Conversation

This is Gianna Nunez, who displayed meaningful still life paintings at the art gallery. Another classmate and I thought each painting represented a part of her life. Each painting portrayed a letter and message to her love ones. We also though it was a story line in how each painting was placed. We found it was interesting how her painting had a sense of different background/tone in each one. At first we really didn’t know how to feel about the art work, but we knew that we enjoy her painting. We knew there was a message behind these painting but we still couldn’t find it out fully but we did know it was a powerful message.
Gianna, local artist from Pasadena, stated that she was destined to be an artist after high school. She initially desired to teach children about art, but she is now creating pieces for art shows to expand her audience. This piece was shown in one of her art shows. We discovered that these paintings don’t have a story line but each individual still life has a different message. One of the most touching pieces of her artwork was a letter she wrote to her cousin, Rodger, who had passed away about 5 years ago. She had a hard time getting through this particular painting because she was reminiscing on the times they shared. Overall it was a great opportunity to connect with someone through their art.

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